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Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

Louis Kahn

Initial Years

Wrench Wielders was formed in 2013 by our seniors who hoped to apply the concepts taught in college to build something

They understood that it was difficult but to them it was a mission, it was more than about them .It was about leaving something behind for the next generation of SITIANS.

In those early days,we had to make do with self-belief,imagination and determination in order to create the first working prototype.

Although we did not manage to clear the technical inspection. We finished within the top teams.In the process beating many colleges with immensely better equipment and experience


The first car to wear the wrench wielders badge. The one that started our tradition of excellence



Finished within the top teams in supra and clearing the technical inspection with flying colors



Our Current car powered by an Awesome 3000 engine


From Then To Now

Through dedication and hardwork, our cars continued to improve at record speed. The next year we not only cleared the technical inspection we failed previously we also finished within the top 20 teams in FSAE India

This included teams from the best colleges in India including VIT and IIT's..Even now we continue to build upon that philosophy focused solely on performance.Every single detail of a WWR car is measured against our goal;to improve consistently

This is reflected in everything we do. From the engine to the materials used-every part must allow the car to deliver the best possible performance.The WWR philosophy does not tolerate compromise.We innovate in order to avoid compromise. Nothing in impossible. This dedication is what define WWR and its cars.